Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Albatross Inn, Dunedin

Dunedin is the 2nd largest city in South island, NZ. It is about 5-6 hours drive from Christchurch. About 20 % of the population here are students. Most attend the nearby University of Otago which is one of the top university in the country.
The ambience and setting of Dunedin is very much of the Victorian and Edwardian style or era. By that, I mean the architecture, infrastructure and built-up areas. Nevertheless, it is a modern city with much history and heritage around most nooks and corners.
For our base accomodation, we were highly recommended to the Albatross Inn at 770 George Street.
It is a quaint but modern inn with superb service from the husband and wife owners who also displayed a well-meant, macabre sense of humour. As we entered the main door, we were greeted by a genuine, old world dentist drill chair and set-up. Hanging from the overhead dentist lamp was a clear notice that read,
" If you wish to make a complaint please take a seat and we shall be with you shortly !! ". So...I sat myself down, open my mouth wide and just then the boss owner came into view, smiled and pointed to the sign above me. And we all burst out laughing! On hindsight, I think it was an ingenious idea to put such a thing there. D2 and I really love that inn. The room we had overlook the main street below and gave us a bird's eyeview of the beautiful surroundings. It was cosy and had a homely atmosphere about it.

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