Monday, October 1, 2007

Latest.. 200 monks brutally murdered.

On 27th Sep 2007, it was reported that the regime sent their specially-recruited and trained "thug units"which comprises some of the worst criminals /barbarians they can scour from all over, injected them with a special drug which ,according to witnesses who have been set upon by these"zombies", have reddish-looking eyes and who do not look like normal human beings anymore ,once they are unleashed.... they were sent to Ngwe-Kyar Yan monastery, on the outskirts of Yangon on Wei-za-Yan-tar Road. There, backed up and surrounded by fully armed military units, these zombies broke into the monastery which houses over 200 monks. All the monks were roused from their sleep, lined up against the wall and each monk had his head bashed into the wall. Blood flowed freely and everywhere.
When all the monks were thus killed, bodies were loaded onto lorries and driven away...later to be dumped into rivers. Some of these corpses have surfaced and are floating on rivers as can be seen in the photos (Source: ).
Of the cold -blooded massacre that took place, only 10 monks managed to escape by hiding in different places. They are living eye-witnesses to the MONSTROUS CRIME that had taken place. Villagers around that area, as practically everywhere else in Myanmar, could do nothing to prevent the killing of their beloved monks. They too were aware of the great tragedy within their midst.
Note: the details of this incident were sent out, attached with a desperate message to tell the whole world ,"that the 200 monks were not detained and sent to jail but were brutally killed inside their own monastery and their bodies later dumped into rivers."

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uncle dick said...

Some reports leaked out said that the regime has been destroying all evidence of injured and dead. At the Yan Way Cemetery outside Yangon they have cremated most of those killed to prevent body counts as well as forensic evidence gathering. One frantic report stated that injured students were shoved ALIVE into the burning cubicles!