Monday, October 22, 2007

New Zealand June 2000

Welcome to one of the most beautiful country in the world.....New Zealand!
Back in year 2000 June, D2 and I headed that way to meet up with our daughter D4 who was working there after her graduation. We also visited the Turners who were close to D4.
Our flight took us to Christchurch before we boarded a local connecting flight to Dunedin. It was a small propeller driven plane that carried about 10 persons. Although very noisy inside, it afforded all of us spectacular views throughout the journey. We could even see revellers on some chartered boats waving at us....and we waved back! The pilot even asked whether we would like to see sheep grazing in the open fields.
Just imagine for a moment. We pay so much for international flights and get to see nothing!
Here, the fare was really cheap and it was the BEST plane ride we had in terms of the enjoyment factor.

Autumn was over and winter had begun. We rented a car for our self-exploratory adventure. After meeting up with D4 and DT, we began to enjoy the wide open space and the famed NZ outdoors especially the coastal regions.
The 1st picture shows the wild and rugged coastline of the Otago peninsular region, a region famed for its oceanic/coastal wildlife. The huge Royal albatross colony is centred at Taiaroa Head. And not forgetting the little quaint yellow-eyed penguins.
This whole region is teeming with wildlife and lots of outdoor activities. We took in some of the" must join "Eco-Tours after reading about them.
Quote from famous David Bellamy;
" In my opinion, the Otago Peninsular is the finest example of Eco-Tourism in the world."

The 2nd picture was at the 45th Parallel.
What is this whole thing about the 45th parallel?
Well, it is the theoretical halfway point between the equator and the south pole. So, this east -west line of the south latitude marks the point. In the southern hemisphere, it passes mostly over open ocean. Exceptions are where this same parallel crosses over the Aysen Region of Chile, and Chubut Province of Argentina.
In NZ, it crosses the South Island just north of Oamaru.


Ferunk said...

What a lovely entry - keep em coming! So nice to relive that great holiday together.

uncle dick said...

Yes, more great and sweet memories,plus nice pics still to come.