Sunday, October 28, 2007

Queenstown, South Island

This was early in the morning at our Wakatipu View Apartment in Queenstown. The front porch, garden hedge and everywhere outside were snow-covered. There was heavy snowfall the previous night and also during the day. As a result of all this wintry conditions, we missed one of the top highlights of a Queenstown experience...the Shotover Jet on the Shotover river. We had booked and paid the day before but on that morning we received news that owing to the inclement weather, conditions at the river were not safe for the jetboating activity.
Nevertheless, there were other interesting activities to occupy us during our stay there. As you can see, nothing could stop us from creating our own fun such as having snowfights. Here, D2 was about to launch a snow bomb at me just before I took the picture.
The bottom picture showed the surrounding view from our apartment. The roads were also snow-covered and much care and caution was required when driving over such conditions.

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