Monday, November 5, 2007

The FIORDLAND of South Island

In my more than 4 decades of journeying abroad, I have obviously accumulated a wealth of travel experience borne by a keen sense of history, a deep love for the great outdoors and the adventure that beckons beyond our safe shores. Having a sharp observation and the ability to appreciate the music, arts, food, language and culture of the destination, is always an added bonus for any traveller.
In many of my travels, rather than simply buy souvenirs for its sake, I prefer to collect local memorabila such as brochures,
stubs, tickets,postcards, natural foliage, shells, gemstones, etc..
My collection has naturally grown over the years and many are still wrapped up in their original wrappers.
The best travel brochures I've seen anywhere comes from New shown here. They are simply superb in style and quality. The pictures are of a very high standard. I took the trouble of collecting and keeping more than a 100 different types of brochures from this trip alone. Collectively, they represent a wealth of information for anyone keen on visiting,
studying or working there.
The Fiordland
Some of the most wild and dramatic scenery in NZ can be found in Fiordland, in the south west corner of South Island. Fiordland is one of the largest National Parks in the world and declared a World Heritage area. Here, D2 and I, including DT and D4, were stunned by the power of mother nature....from its waterfalls tumbling hundreds of metres into virgin forested valleys, lonely fiords, endless stretches of shimmering lakes and giant granite peaks.
If you are ever in South Island...don't ever miss this......MILFORD SOUND !

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