Saturday, December 22, 2007

Your Comments and far.

Photo: Main feature page 8 April 2007, Sunday NewPaper
Three months have passed since I started this blogsite recounting my true life experiences in travel and education. I would like to thank all visitors to my site and hope that you found something of interest, of knowledge or hopefully of your reading. There is still much more to come. My intention is to archive in readable story or anecdote form, all my various travels, trips and expeditions and to highlight certain unforgettable, some even unbelievable, moments or experiences. Nevertheless, all the things described really happened. Nothing here is a figment of the imagination.

I have received many comments and feedback from visitors who e-mailed me or commented on the site. Your kind words of support and encouragement will spur me to continue on my archiving journey. For that, you all have my grateful thanks. To show my appreciation, I have decided to reproduce briefly some of the comments here in this post.

I dedicate this post to all of you ......visitors!

  • " Good job for a start, Mr Yip!"........ Alice Lesmana, 21/9/07

  • " Interesting Blogspot. A good laugh in English Lesson. I think the site should remain as THE WISE OLD OWL . Wise indeed !"......... BaBajoe 21/9/0

  • " Not bad for a start. Must learn from you how to start a blog site." ......Ronnie 21/9/07

  • " Interesting blog you have here. Must have taken u some time to enter all the information. Thanks for sharing." .......K Heng 29/9/07

  • "It's great to see you are keeping yourself active 'post retirement period', in fact even more active judging from it. Cheers and keep up the activity.".......Winston C, 1/10/07

  • " Congratulations on your blog site. It's GREAT! "........Maree, NZ

  • " What a lovely entry....keep em coming!! ".........Ferunk, 22/10/07

  • " It's been great reading all about your South Island adventures. You really did well to cover so much distance in the middle of a cold winter. I haven't been on the Tranz Alpine yet. But I really want to go.".......David T, 3/11/07

  • " Congratulations on your very own travel blog. You truly are a well-travelled person. Perhaps you should consider writing a Singapore version of the Lonely Planet Guide. I especially enjoy your New Zealand posts." JackieY 14/11/07

  • " Your Blog has received votes today !"........Fuel My Blog website, 21 and 22 Nov

  • " If you ever make it back to New Zealand again we would love to meet you! " .......Glynis, owner of Albatross Inn, Dunedin, 22/11/07

  • " Your Blog received votes today ! ".......Fuel My Blog website, 29/11/07

  • " Your incredible but scary adventure in Lake Toba and Medan makes great reading". ......TF Chan

  • " I enjoy viewing and reading about places, events, people, life and culture"......Evelyn Chin

  • " Your terrifying escapade in Medan airport on the day of your departure and what followed is much like an extract from a 007 movie clip: exciting, gripping, absorbing, fascinating....your presence of mind and the ability to stay calm saved the day. It's a "miraculous escape". I wish to commend you for your beautiful narration and crisp writing. You are blessed with a photographic memory, every tiny detail adds spice to your greatly engrossing encounter. Thanks! ".........TF Chan, 16/12/07

  • " Really impressed by your Blog pages on your encounter with the customs of Indonesia. Very Wise and Knowledgeable indeed ! ".....LeeSY, 18/12/07

There are many other messages and comments I've received but not included here yet. Will include as many later. Thanks for your comments....keep them coming!

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