Sunday, February 3, 2008

Improving Vision...a Fantastic Discovery !

The picture of me jamming at the Gold Coast , Brisbane Australia was in 1993. Even during the night, in fact everywhere I went, or whatever I was doing, most times I wore my glasses....without which I could not see properly. I had several pairs. The picture on the right..was in year 2000, the new millenium. more glasses, day or night. I have not worn spectacles, except for protective sunglasses, since the mid 90's when I succeeded in my 'experiment'.

Wise Owl

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uncle dick said...

My beloved niece in Perth told me she would like to try out these simple steps. But she has a "major" problem. The laws in Australia state clearly in your Driving License if you are wearing must drive with them on.
So I say....Don't break the Law whereever you are!
Do what is required...when you drive. Then, at all other without. Persevere ! You will begin to get better vision and clarity. When all is back to normal...go make amendments to the DL or whatever!