Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oriental Eye Test

This is a truly brilliant example that confirms some points I made in my previous post on regaining perfect eyesight and improving your vision.
If you look at this image as a whole, without " focussing" what you see are some white patterns set in a black rectangular box. That, most people will say is " how the brain works". I do not agree at all. The 1st time I saw this image....only a few minutes ago,...
I can clearly read the 5 words and without " pulling the corner of my eyes". It is about what I call micro-looking [ refer to previous postings ].
Some of you may need to squint your eyes a little....that is making your eyes smaller to better focus. Recall how we use the binoculars. We need to adjust the zooming dial or knob.
Recall too my advice on massaging facial and eye muscles daily. It is important.
Try this right now as you are reading this post.
Look at the image again. And slowly pull the corner of your eyes to the extreme. What happens? Everything slowly becomes blurry. How come? You are actually manipulating your tuning dial.....the eye muscles, nerve and ligaments. And since you are pulling to the extreme....you have over-zoomed the process.
What we can conclude is this. The eyes , controlled by the muscles and ligaments around them,
can do the work of focussing themselves.
But we need to keep all these muscles and ligaments in good tone.
We need to learn how to use our eyes again.
It is still not too late to teach your kids at home or in schools....the simple steps I've outlined.

Wise Owl

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Additional info:
Once you regain control of the ligaments and muscles that are responsible for focussing the eyes...your vision will come back super-quick.
Remember...the Binoculars example!