Monday, June 23, 2008

A gathering of Wuhan artists

After I snapped some shots of the previous kids with their drawings, suddenly all the kids wanted to show us their artwork. I was only too happy to oblige.

Top photo:

D2 and the art teacher behind her and Melissa as well, being surrounded by the kids and their artwork.

Centre photo:

Principal Zheng, the art teacher and Jessica were quite amused by the spontaniety of the children's actions.

The kids were obviously very proud and happy that we appreciated the talent that was on display.
Then a few of the kids handed their artwork to us. We were completely taken by surprise. Their teacher said they would like to give them to us...likely in memory of our visit and the open-hearted appreciation we've shown. Soon, all the other kids also gave us their art pieces...which will be displayed at GSPS.
Bottom photo:
The art teacher, seen here beaming with pride, should be commended for the way that art has been taught to her kids.
The arrangement in the art room certainly can be described as encouraging and allowing the kids to try out various mediums, "mess around" in free and creative expressions....and the end result is what you have seen here....

simply unbelievable drawings from ones so young.

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