Friday, June 27, 2008

Inside the Tower

As we began our exploration of the tower, we realised that each floor has its own theme. For example, the 1st storey is about legends. There is this huge 30 feet high by 20 feet wide porcelain painting that depicts clouds, rivers and a beautiful yellow crane with fully stretched wings flying high in the sky. All this appears to set a romantic mood in heaven.

Reaching the 2nd storey, we come to the souvenir section. We had an English speaking guide for the whole group and he told me that there is another souvenir sales counter on the 4th floor where the price for items on sale might be cheaper. But the kids were so excited that all swarmed around making purchases here and there.
The 2 young men in army uniform were part of our group. In fact, they were the ones to drive the specially provided military bus for all the kids with us.
The military has a symbiotic relationship with SGH #1 School, supporting the school in many different ways. And the school is thankful for that.

There were paintings from the various early dynasties on the walls of the tower. From
what I can see it showed the lifestyle, practices and
beliefs of those days long ago.

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