Friday, June 20, 2008

A Maths lesson in Wuhan

After the English lesson ended, a class of primary 3 kids came into the same lecture room. They looked as eager and lively as their older counterparts. We stayed where we were behind the last row of the class to observe the lesson.

The teacher came in and there was a pleasant, formal greeting between the pupils and herself.
In the meantime, the Technical assistant was trying his level best to set up the IT portion of her lesson for her but appeared to have encountered an unplanned problem.

I was observing how the teacher would handle such an unplanned obstacle.
If it happens to a trainee teacher under official observation during practical teaching assessment...the trainee usually panics. Profuse sweating is sure evidence of signs of fear and panic.
But wonder of wonders, I did not notice this teacher sweating or panicking at all. The little kids became restless and anxious in front of us. But like a Magician with a Magic Wand that always work, she was instantly aware of their rising fretfulness and immediately used her hands to beat out a couple of special claps. The response by the class was immediate as can be seen in
the centre picture. Every kid tilted his or her head and took a nap/rest.

When the technical problem was fixed, the lesson began.
There was disipline, order and respect shown by the young pupils for their teacher.

This lesson was carried out in Mandarin and was lively as well.

Again, I was impressed overall.

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