Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My 1st Ukulele Performance in Wuhan

Before the end of that combined programme I heard my name being announced over the PA system. Apparently, I was invited to perform a song or two using the Ukulele. Principal Zheng had brought along the Ukulele which was a gift to him. I borrowed it, fine tuned it and confidently went to the front strumming the uke as a gentle introduction. I invited all the GSPS kids and teachers to join me as we belted out " Row, Row, Row Your Boat", " Brother John" and some of our popular local songs like...Gelang Si-Paku Gelang, Di Tanjong Katong and Chan Mali Chan. We sang spontaneously without song sheets.
Everything came from our minds and hearts.
There was no prior rehearsal...no not even once.
But we sang as one voice, one heart, one spirit....Yeah!
Yet....it was an excellent sing along performance by all around me. It surprised our host and
all those watching.
After that, many of them came forward to tell me," Your kids are so good, so supportive
and spontaneous....and we all love the sounds of the Ukulele ! "
I am really proud of them.

There were so many cameras clicking away that D2 captured some of them in action right here.
There was a funny moment that day.

After the GSPS kids had finished singing the 2 simple songs, I gently asked them to return to their seats...as I was about to play the "keroncong" version of our local songs.
I thought they do not know these songs. However, as soon as I described the song title over the microphone.... the kids yelled,"Mr Yip
we also know the songs !" So, I beckoned them all to rejoin me again at the front. Down they rush from their seats and grouped around me.
They were wonderful. It was as if they were making a statement to one and all...watch us, watch our spontaneous spirit and joy. Somehow I had this incredible feeling that I was like the legendary Pied Piper of Hamelin!
Do any of you still recall this children's tale?
Yes ....just like the Pied Piper except that I was leading my "troops" with a Ukulele instead of a pipe....and not to oblivion either but to a new and higher level of fulfillment for GSPS and for Singapore.

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