Sunday, June 29, 2008

The performance by GSPS

The trio of Jessica, Melissa and Dennis had been working with the 25 kids from their school even before the trip began. And it included practising and rehearsing for this item for which they brought along our local ethnic costumes....Malay, Chinese, Indian and even our national SIA icon, the SIA sarong and kebaya outfit.
It was quite a colourful parade of the styles of Singapore!
When they were ready, they assembled at the front and waited for the accompanying music to be played.

Their teachers, D2 and even myself, were keeping our fingers crossed that can pull it off without any panic or nervousness. Soon as the music started and they moved and gyrated in unison, it was smooth going all the way. D2 and myself found ourselves applauding loudly...and so did the others. They gave a good account of themselves out there and proudly kept their school flag flying.

I could see that the trio of teachers were quite happy and ...relieved! I recall that the night before this, the trio had an informal meeting with D2 in our hotel room where they went over the preparations for the performance and also the Power-point presentation. As I sat in on their discussion, I offered my input culled from long years of involvement with similar type of students' performances, in somewhat similar settings too. Because Singapore has a very young history, we haven't got an established culture of songs, dance and music unlike what we see in other countries. But as I always emphasised when I was involved in such events, that, that in itself, is no excuse for us not to perform or even under perform in the presence of foreign guests.

The key factor is not the type of dance chosen. It is to always perform it well...whatever is decided upon.
As the NIKE advert says so aptly...
" Just Do It ! ".
And may I add ...enjoy it!
It is when they enjoy it that they can give of their best.

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