Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Warm School Welcome...27-5-08

At 8 am, D2 and I met with J,M and D at the hotel lobby. We turned right at the hotel front on the main road. Coming to a major junction, we turned right again and in less than 5 minutes walk Principal Zheng's school appeared across the
road. We used a specially constructed underpass to get into the school. I noticed something very remarkable here. They had pupils adorned with scarves near the exit who greet their teachers and also us with some positive praises and thanks. Unique! Excellent!
The entire school of about nearly 3000 kids were assembled at the basketball courts. This was a daily thing. Then annoucements were made by the VPs, P or other staff.
I moved further away with my camera to capture the scene. Then over the PA system I heard the VP and HOD informing the assembly to welcome 2 special guests in their midst....D2 and me. The pupils in this school attend lessons dressed in their own clothes and footwear. As I walked among the kids, I heard my name being called,..." Mr Yip! Mr Yip!". Surprised, I turned around and saw many familiar faces among the 25 GSPS kids. These Primary 5 kids had 2 weeks of ukulele lessons taught by me just a week before the trip.
They were very happy to see me and their Principal right there!
Top Photo:
The VP Mdm Liu, carrying an umbrella. L to R.....Jessica, D2, Mr Ye, Melissa and Dennis

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