Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wuhan food at Zhuchou Restaurant

This was the dining spread at the dinner we hosted at Zhuchou Restaurant. The food was typically prepared in the Wuhan style with great care, taste and creativity.
I am not certain who picked the dishes but they were truly excellent! Among the new discovery was they had a dish just like our Chinese rojak where you pick the veg or fruit piece and dip the same in a kind of rojak paste mixture [ their version] verdict...very nice!

Even now, looking at these pictures ... I'm in the mood to eat again.

D2 ordered a bottle of red wine for the inevitable rounds of "Kan-Pei!" that must come in such an occasion.

Why red wine and not Mao Tai?
After sampling the famous Mao Tai at the home visit I've described previously, we could not afford to take such a gamble here.
A few of us, including yours truly, react very fast to any wine with a high alcohol content. In my case, my face can be as red as Kwan Yu, that famous warrior of the 3 Kingdom period.
So having red wine is safer.

A close-up look at how this dish looked. The fish was gently carved up into french-fries looking pieces yet still with the individual pieces attached to the whole fish.

It was cooked in sweet and sour and hot style. I particularly enjoyed this dish.

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