Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Yellow Crane Tower, Wuhan

The morning of Wed, 28th May 2008, D2 and I were able to join the combined group of students, teachers and parent volunteers for the visit to Wuhan's most important and top historical landmark.....the city's number 1 icon,...the Yellow Crane Tower. It has been said that if you have been to Wuhan, then there are 3 things you must have done to confirm that status. What 3 things?
1] Visit the Yellow Crane Tower 2] Eat or try the local noodles called "Re-gan mian "
3] Eat the local Wuchang fish
I can confirm the first one. What about the other two? Continue to update yourself on my blog to find out as I continue my travelogue.
History of the Tower
It was reputedly built in 223 AD during the Warring state period of the 3 Kingdoms.
Since then, the tower has served many dynasties, emperors and purposes. The tower was destroyed several times, burnt down and rebuilt again and again....such was its strategic importance in the history of Wuhan and the surrounding region. The last rebuilding was in 1981.

Top photo
Me....with the Tower in the background.
Lower down, you can see D2 and the rest.[ zoom and enlarge ]
2nd photo
D2, Jessica and others looking out for I captured the shot.
3rd and 4th photo
Mr Ye, leading his young troops up the steps to conquer the tower!

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