Monday, July 14, 2008

D2 presenting Goodies bag.

Mrs Yip presented each Wuhan pupil with a Goodie bag towards the end of the dinner.
Here we see Mr Fu with my Ibanez guitar still slung over him supervising his kids for receiving the goodies.

Some of the kids taking a peep at what's inside the goodie bag. And here was Sammi casually walking by to say" Hi Mr Yip. "

Little Sammi took this snapshot of me and my Kamaka Ukulele.
The Wuhan teachers did ask me about the history of this particular they told me they simply loved the magical sounds it produces.
Well, with my limited Mandarin, I think I managed to tell them the following:-
..... it is more than 25 years old.
..... it is genuine, handmade from Hawaii
..... it is quite expensive
..... and how I came to own it is another story, for
another day!

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