Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Farewell Dinner

When the combined Performance finally ended, it was still in the late afternoon. We walked down to the school field where a Group photo taking session was arranged. It took quite a while as all parents, the kids, staff involved and ourselves, were shifted here and there for the perfect picture. The task was handled by a professional photographer who had loads of patience and a great sense of humour.
After the shoot, we were invited to Principal Zheng's office for a chat and discussion. Before we left, he gave us some gifts of green tea, a set of Shang bells and a book of calligraphy/paintings done by a friend

of his.

We returned to our hotel for a short rest and to get ready for the final Farewell Dinner which was held in a classy restaurant with an extended stage.
The parents of the Wuhan pupils, the combined pupils, the key staff and we ourselves, were all there.
D2 was invited to give an opening speech after the short welcome address. She spoke off the cuff with Dennis as translator in Chinese. After a few sentences, she would pause and Dennis would act. Her speech touched on what we had both observed during our plane delay at Guangzhou and

other positive things that had impressed us tremendously about Wuhan, about Hubei, about China, about the Shui Guo Hu school.

About the friendliness and the great hospitality we have received.
Well, all these and a little more, that
was very well received by all present.
She received much applause for her gracious and inspiring impromptu speech.

Top photo: D2 making a point.

2nd photo: Dennis translating

3rd photo: VP Mdm Liu and Principal Zheng listening intently.

Bottom photo: Principal Zheng and VP Mdm Gu were seated at our table.

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