Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Golden Friendship !

The visit by D2 and I to Wuhan last May and June has certainly deepened the existing relationship between the two schools. While there, we were able to see and understand their education system and structure better. The many face to face meetings with their key personnel including Principal Zheng and other staff, have further brought the already close ties to another high.

This can only be good for the future of both schools.
Top pic: L to R
Mdm Zhang, Mr Yip, Mr Fu, Mrs Yip and Mdm Khng

Mr Fu told many others that he has alot in common with me. I cannot agree more with him.

He wants very much to personally bring me to Mt Wudang in NW Hubei, knowing that I had expressed a strong desire to visit that historic place...during our recent trip.

I told him..." We shall return !"
Hopefully, D2 and I can make a return visit next year, after all, we
won't be going to a strange place but
to a place where we can reunite with
Golden Friends of Wuhan!

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