Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Imperial Restaurant, Grassroot Club

On Sat July 12, D2 and I hosted a Chinese Dinner for our guests and some of her key staff involved in the Programme. It was held at the Imperial Restaurant at the Grassroot Club. All in we had 2 tables booked. The food was left to Jessica and company to select...not a bad choice. We had lobster, crab, abalone, toman fish (snake head), fresh prawns, and other yummy stuff.
And not forgetting that inevitable red wine for....what else,..toasting and more toasting during the course of dinner.
This was the 1st toast of the night and that was why our glasses were full.

A group picture of table 1.

Right in front of Jessica was a tiny dish filled with a special chilli paste that Mdm Khng brought along all the way from Wuhan.
We tasted it and agreed it was really much" hotter" than the red chilli provided by the restaurant. Yet..its colour was orangey, not red.

We went over to table 2 for a combined picture.

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