Friday, July 25, 2008

Life-vests are Mandatory!

As we boarded the sampan, we sat on a simple plank seat placed across its beam. Then well-used life-vests were issued to every single traveller and the wearing of it was compulsory before setting off. Only the boatmen themselves do not put on as for them it would hinder their paddling movements. This was the basin steps from where we set off.

Heading up river, the many boats loaded with visitors make a beeline for the gorge. Meanwhile, our chirpy "Tujia" guide Shirley, gave us a running commentary in passable English about the history, geography and culture of this place.

A boat soon overtook us to our left. I captured this shot quickly. You can see clearly 5 boatmen [without lifevests ] . And also a female guide in
blue dress.

This was our boat. Judging from the flow of the water and the current in the was very tough work for the boatmen !

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