Thursday, July 3, 2008

See You Again, soon in S'pore !..sob,sob !

After our pleasant morning walk, we returned to the hotel lobby and together with the trio of J, M, and D, who had completed their check out, we walked to the school again, arriving at about 10:30 am. All the kids were gathered in the Conference Room for their final briefing before departure for the airport. Everyone was given a rolled up copy of the Group photo taken the day before. It is indeed a very nice and memorable picture. I'll see if I can post it here soon.
The parents of the Wuhan kids were also present for this farewell. I noticed many of them taking their cameras for the few final snapshots of their beloved kid and the friend they hosted. There were many teary-eyed kids all around me, many deep hugs and emotional embraces. Some of the Wuhan teachers also came down to the foyer to say farewell. Here is one of them with D2 and Melissa ( Top photo ).

I volunteered to capture snapshots for some of these parents. Here is one of them. Can anyone guess which one is the GSPS boy and which is the SGH host ?

The coach taking them to the airport soon arrived after 11 am. The GSPS kids with Jessica, Melissa and Dennis soon boarded the bus. There was quite a big crowd at the front of the school entrance.
Practically everyone involved was there. Here you see Principal Zheng and D2 the other Principal ensuring that all was well at boarding time.
I always feel a tinge of sadness when
friends part for home. I believe the kids felt it more than I did.

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