Friday, July 11, 2008

That Yichang Hotpot !

We crossed the main road towards the side roads opposite the cruise centre office. There were many small and medium sized restaurants and cafes. Shirley led us to one situated at the corner of that street which was beside a police crime and safety can take a back seat while we dine.
The place offered many varieties of live seafood or rather river/lake food as most of the fish, crabs, eels etc..are mainly from the nearby Yangtze River.

She asked for our preference for the main dish. After leaving our seats to look at the live displays in tanks and trays we decided on the Black cat fish...which is from the Yangtze.
Shirley went to scoop up one of those which weighed 1.5 kg.

We waited for about 20 minutes for the hotpot to arrive. It was worth waiting for! There were potato slices, vegetables, vermicelli, etc..that we added in as we ate.
The whole pot was swimming with green chillies...something I love very much. And the catfish was superb.

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