Sunday, July 20, 2008


By the mighty Yangtze River we casually strolled and came upon these makeshift open air stalls. Some were offering shooting games and other fun activities while some were selling their wares. Two men were selling paper cuttings and mini Olympic flags. D2 immediately bought a few so that we could wave them and keep them as souvenirs.
In the background are pontoon bridges that link the shore to a center for loading and unloading passengers.

The place where I sat was the actual raised platform where the Olympic Torch Ceremony would take place for this Yichang area.
I was waving 3 flags to show my FULL SUPPORT for the BEIJING GAMES.
The Olympic Games are to be held in August 2008 in Beijing. This is the 1st time that CHINA is hosting the Games and D2 and I, as well as millions from everywhere, join in to wish CHINA and her people a most Successful Games outcome!

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