Monday, September 29, 2008

Magnificent images of the F1 Grand Prix

These photos appeared in the Daily Mail public Gallery. They came with high praises for the sheer beauty and magical effects of the night scene during the F1 Grand Prix.
I believe these pictures and more have impressed millions of people from all over the world about how nice Singapore really is.
The city skyline beautifully lighted up and our colonial buildings of bygone days seem to add a new aura to the city's nocturnal splendour .

Most visitors were lavish in their praises and comments both when interviewed in the media and on TV.
One said that this venue and the entire experience were many times far better than Monaco.
Another couple said they are regulars on the F1 racing circuit and have been to most of the F1 destinations but for them Singapore is by far the BEST experience so far.

Most gave the highest marks to the top organisational ability of our country.
A pretty lady visitor on this evening's news said,
" Only SINGAPORE can do it ! "
I guess that statement pretty much sums up the sentiments out there among the foreign visitors.
But for me...these are the images that make me proud to call Singapore my home.

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