Friday, October 31, 2008

A Champion Re-appears !

Almost every year, since the early 80's, D2 and I would be present at the
Chinese New year Celebrations of SGardens. And in those earlier years, I provided most of the musical accompaniment on my guitar and once in a while with the ukulele....for many dinner and other functions. Former MP, Dr Lau Teik Soon and his wife loved to sing the old and evergreen songs. They were not the only ones who enjoyed sing along sessions. Many of our now retired grassroot leaders and senior citizens love to sing and dance as well. Whenever "Doc"as I used to call him got cornered to sing a song...9 times out of 10, he would request me to play "Tennessee Waltz"for him.

Those were fun years...those were the days! I was the only Grassroot leader who played either the ukulele or the guitar for close to 2 decades in S gardens. Later, I taught a small group of interested senior citizens basic guitar when we were still located at the old CC.

So, back to this year's CNY gathering.
I was invited or rather more accurately persuaded by the Org Committee to make a special Guest Appearance for this event. It has been quite a while since I last appeared on the S G stage.
Before I started my medley of songs, I looked at the full hall of people, scanned their faces and recognised only a handful of people who were with me exactly 20 years ago when we were part of the Serangoon Gardens Sing Singapore Group which won the CHAMPIONS TROPHY in 1988. All the nearly 80 constituencies took part. It was the very 1st SING SINGAPORE Nation -wide contest...and involved many months of preparations.
And unk Dicko here...had the honour and distinction of leading that special group to a historic victory for S Gardens!
The majority of those present in the hall are in the dark about the great achievements of some of their predecessors.
That's a shame and a terrible pity for it was a glorious, golden chapter in the history of my "kampong"!
But, as I looked and walked around the present new CC...I did not see a SINGLE PICTURE or PHOTO anywhere of that great triumph of 1988. Even the Trophy is gone? Yet, it was FRONT PAGE NEWS in all the Papers back then!
Fortunately, I still have lots of stuff connected to that great episode. So can one day blog about the experience in greater detail.

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