Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Despite the Recession....SG has its own Train!

The music and fun did not stop even after the Bistros had left. There was still an hour to closing time and our enthusiastic "Ka-ra-okers" went into overdrive...literally. They searched through the limited albums on hand at the audio table. Mandarin and Hokkien numbers were also popular.
Then came the ever-popular favourite," Que Sera Sera" which almost everyone could somehow join in the singing. The singing was so good and spontaneous that a short human chain soon formed...and wormed its way through the dance floor as more and more chaps were hauled on board.

Our G-O-H, who was highly amused by the antics of this human train,must have thought she would be immune to their recruitment the people at her table were all "shanghaied".
But the SG trainwould be incomplete without, haha, welcome on Board !

No one was left at any table as the "train" continued to pick up tempo and energy. I too was dragged into it for a moment but soon got out of it. Otherwise there would be no picture and story to tell!

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