Sunday, October 12, 2008

Honouring The STARS...part 10.

Group photo:
From Left to Right
Mr Philip Seah [CEO Prudential ], Mr Gerard Ee [ Chairman C3A ], Dr Vivian Balakrishnan [ Minister of Community Development,Youth & Sports], Mr Heng Chee How [ Minister of State, Prime Minister's Office & Deputy General Secretary NTUC] and RADM Ronnie Tay [ CEO of IDA ].

Me and my beloved daughter with the Infocomm Winner's Trophy and the prize envelope.
What's inside the envelope?
Would you believe it when I say none of us, the awardees knew what the prize or prizes were until that moment? It was perhaps a surprise of sorts.
Thus I was a little tickled when I read a report in "my paper"the free news tabloid saying that there was no cash prize for the award. The report is correct as there was no "cash" prize.

But the report did not mention that there were valuable prizes sponsored by the various organisations with a value of over $ 5000...which included $1000 cash vouchers from the Challenger Store.
The itemised prizes have been delivered to us personally at our homes. [ I will have another post about this separately ].
For now, I would like to thank all the various sponsors for supporting the C3A in their efforts to re-galvanise the seniors and the agers in our greying society.

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