Friday, October 10, 2008

Honouring The STARS...part 6.

I mentioned that the organisers spared no effort in bringing the best to the Gala event.
After the arrival of the VIPs and Guest-of -Honour and DJ Brian Richmond had brought the house down with his hilarious was over to 2 old-time crooners, both household name in their heydays.
Here we were being entertained by Rahimah Rahim and later by Max Surin of Tokyo Square fame. This was still pre-dinner proper and the umbra of night has descended upon the resplendent set up.

Rahimah still have that star quality about herself and her singing. She came off stage after the 1st song and mingled table to table. My table was numbered 2 and soon she strode to us, to me and said," I really like that BIG smile of yours !"
Without a beat, I replied," I like YOURS better! " And we all broke out in laughter.
She had the last word," are a clever one! " More laughter! haha!
Her rendition of "Burong Kaka Tua" got everyone going. Then she mesmerised us with a Mandarin lovesong. Max Surin showed why he was a top star with his smooth performance.

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