Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am dedicating this blogpost to all you retirees and senior folks who may be hoping and wishing to learn how to blog...but have no one to coach you on the how and what of blogging. Do not despair at all. There are many agencies in the wider community that offer basic computing, Googling and blogging courses. To share my new found passion, I have offered my free services to the community at Serangoon Gardens. The offer was made some months ago when I heard that a computer/IT centre was being set up. In my initial chat with some key community leaders there, I had proposed to conduct Blogging sessions for senior citizens and retirees. The approach I would adopt for these sessions would be fun based not the typical dry stuff, filled with IT and computer jargon that scares the daylight out of most old timers. Even I had a terrible and strange phobia for such terms and language. Is it really necessary to use all those technical terms? I mean imagine you just want to learn to drive a car. Which driving instructor would you go to? The one who always take out a car manual and show you all the technical things...how a brake works, how the engine functions, how the electrical system operates, how this and how that ? Or will it be the old timer who gently invites you into the car, and without making you crazy with all things technical, build up your confidence and help you along with ease and no fuss at all? I believe the answer is too obvious.
The reason I am saying all this is to assure folks who have contacted me by email, phone and other means, requesting for my help in learning Blogging and other fun stuff, this past week alone. Some are members of the public. I will update on this blog once things are confirmed about the details of the sessions.
I am extremely glad that this has come about. My wish is for more people, especially older folks, who have much more things to blog about... to pick up this new challenge. Blogger hosting service is free with tons of space for your photos, images, documents, pictures, letters etc... . There are so many positive benefits and advantages that can be derived from Blogging. I won't go into all of them but can tell you all that I'm on an unending journey of Discovery every single day!

Photo source: CNA news on Sat 4th Oct 2008.

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