Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Candid Pics...PBM/BBM Dand D.

Now all of you would know..what is a Dinner, a Makan, a Function or just an occasion...without the accompaniment of some good music as added spice and flavour.

But I must hasten to add, from my long, long years of providing sweet music to functions I've lost count by now...that the " background" of the people present counts a lot.

Our people in Sg Gardens are truly a lively lot...as Claire Ng said in an email I just received moments ago, " hidden talents everywhere and very dynamic". I can assure all she's not refering to grassroot work only but " how to let your hair down"and simply enjoy such occasions, amidst good music and amidst good friends.
That was clearly in evidence the way I saw it too.

The two who hosted this dinner and dance... Edward and D2, had to work very hard as they were "hot" dance partners for many dance wannabies!

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