Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A guitar, a double bass and a UKULELE! Pure Magic!

This is the kind of people that musicians and entertainers love! The duo of The Bistro ( Wan and Paul) played their part too, dishing out contemporary hits mixed with an assortment of oldies' music...that soon got the temperatures up. And when people get the "fever"that meant Rock and Roll time! "Ok baby...it's time to rock....One o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock rock....!" And fellas scrambled from their half-eaten dinner, still on the table, and moved to the dance floor..as this seemed much more FUN than dining. I too got into some action...no, not rocking but working overtime to capture some candid shots...with my Digital C...as in this candid picture of an obviously shy but jovial chap being bundled and pushed by his friend to rock with D2. Haha! What fun they were all having and there was much more to come.

I heard someone yell..." the Twist, the Twist !"And the good musicians that they were, Wan crooned into the mic, " Ok, it's twisting time...Chubby Checker says twisting time is here..!."
"Come on let's twist again, like we did last summer,yeah let's twist again,like we did last year...". I looked around and there were many twisters...mostly the younger ones. The older folks I suspect have over-twisted themselves a long time ago as can be seen in their forlorn looks...that say, if only I was 20 years young! I did not tell you, but unk Dicko is an excellent reader of people as well as situations under any circumstances. I could sense that the older folks too want to get into the swing of things...but they could not rock,not roll, nor twist. I signalled to Bistro...mouthing the word "Cha-Cha". They were superbly alert, with Paul breaking out into a hot "Hokkien" cha-cha number. More scrambling from around the tables...ahem, by the senior citizens who took to the floor to show and to regain some semblance of their lost pride. It was non-stop frenetic dancing all the way from Go. It probably affected the Bistro duo more than all the folks as they took a much needed break shortly after.

When they returned to the stage, they both invited me up to join them in a non-stop medley of songs...with my Kamaka Ukulele, of course. No prior rehearsal, no practice beforehand. Not even synchronised tuning took place. Problem? What problem? Recall what I said in my earlier post " Have Ukulele will travel"...it's easier for me as a ukulele player to follow the guitarist than the other way around.
We entertained all with an assortment of catchy songs..Loy Loy Krathong, Ta Mong Ta, (Thai), Burong Kaka, Di -Tanjong Katong, Chan Mali Chan, Island in the Sun, Yellow Bird etc... . In situations like this, you play by "ear". Only from much experience can this be done! And the result, with the uke included....was magical!!

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