Friday, November 28, 2008

The ATC...part 2.

Most people love singing provided they know the songs. That's why when we moved from group to group, I asked them," Hi, where are you people from?"
The people from this table are M'sians. So, we strummed for them that ever popular.... Rasa Sayang.

This group was very quiet at first. They were seated at the end of the mess hall. I asked the same question and they chorused "we are from the Philippines! "

Wonderful, I responded because I know most Filipinos can sing very well! They laughed heartily whether in agreement I know not. But unk Dicko has many different ways to get people to join in and sing.
I announced to all of them,"I like to do a local Filipino song with you. Do you know the song Leron, Leron Sinta?"
" YES!
they chorused again. "

That song has a very sweet and catchy beat and immediately we were like an award winning singing team!

Leron,leron sinta
Buku ng papaya
Dalai dalay buslo
Si si dla ng sinta
padating sa duloy
Nabali ang sangka
Tapos kepalaran
Humanap ng iba.

Didn't I tell you in an earlier post that I was able to sing the songs in their native language of most of our ASEAN/ASIAN countries. ( See... Have Ukulele will travel )

This group was excellent. Their singing was melodious and really sweet. More participants soon joined in.

Richard soon led..."Planting Rice"and they were now really into it!

We entertained them with some super songs that always sounded good when accompanied by ukeleles.

Then, I asked, " anyone from Myanmar here?" "Yes," said this nice, handsome gentleman . It turned out that he is a music teacher.


Won said...

Hi uncle, I'm from malaysia, and I stumbled upon your blog while googling for "chan mali chan" chords. I've been looking high and low for the chords for the song but couldn't find any.
I'm learning the ukulele and this could,hopefully, be my first complete song. :)

unk Dicko said...

Hi Won,

Not surprising about your Googling for Chan Mali Chan experience.There is very little on the net about such songs esp chords and tabs..unlike songs from the west and Europe.
Actually,it is not too difficult to work out the chord arrangement if you already know the chords used for each MAIN KEY. Eg in KEY of "C"...the other chords are "F",
"G" and "G7". And if say you start with KEY of "F"...the other chords are "Bb"( B flat ), "C7" and "F7".
But it might sound confusing to you as a beginner in ukulele.
I'll see if I can write out the song with chords and do a post for you.

Won said...

Hello uncle,
I finally figured out which chords fits into which position of the songs. Thank you so much, and it's a pleasure reading your blog and definately will be visiting regularly!