Thursday, November 13, 2008

The "Bujang Lapok" Ukulele class

This was the class which came dancing in merrily and singing the theme song from the old malay

movie "Bujang Lapok". I had written about my impression of them in my previous post...a few days ago.

Midway through their 2nd ukulele session, their Principal Mrs Yip, dropped in to have a look at the kids. She had read my blog posting about their antics at the 1st session and was quite tickled by it!
It was my suggestion that she be with them for some snapshots, for who can tell....somewhere down the future path of these kids, some of them may really turn out to be good actors or actresses...much like the ones in the old movie! The original Bujang Lapok movie was so popular back in those days that a further 2 more were made...making a total of 3. And who knows,...some of these kids may, with their ukuleles and talent, make version 4 of the movie a reality one day.


minitew said...

Hello Uncle Dick!
I brought a ukulele!
But out of tune...
Can you help me tune it tomorrow?


unk Dicko said...

If I'm not there tomorrow, do ask Mr Richard to help you.
A simple way is to go to Youtube and type in " ukulele tuning" and then search.
Choose "standard tuning".
Glad you have one now!

minitew said...

ok thnx! :)
See ya real sooon!


Anonymous said...

howd u plauy bujang lapok tunes on ukulele? would like tp learn it! =)

unk Dicko said...

You can check up some old videos of the Bujang Lapok movies on Youtube to hear the actual song.
If you want to play on ukulele...just use the normal chord progressions and apply them to the the key you want to sing in.
Hope I have answered your Question.