Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Teaching Outdoor session !

Yesterday, the last class scheduled

for their first-ever ukulele lesson had literally no room to go to. All available rooms were occupied by the various CCA groups preparing for their dance routines and practices. Problem? Not really the way I saw it. We spotted the empty performing kiosk in the Eco-garden, got the class down with the ukes as well and the session began. Only thing was I could not use the diagrams put up on the white board in the usual music room. In the teaching situation, this happens from time to time...being "usurped" from your regular comfort zone. Instead of grouching about it my advice to anyone in similar circumstances is to quickly look for an alternative place. Any place for that long as the class gets settled down for the lesson planned for them.
So here we were in the open outdoors still enjoying the magical sounds of the ukulele.
This class is Primary 5.1 . The lady in the photo is Ms Mabel Chew, a retired teacher now with the school. She met me the day before and said she has a ukulele at home but could not play it.
I invited her to join us whenever she's free. Her ukulele brand name is the"Lark", a baritone uke with 19 frets. If I'm not mistaken, the larks were made in China.
I am looking forward to Mabel and other teachers who are keen to pick up some ukulele hopefully form a Ukulele group one day!

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