Tuesday, November 4, 2008

TTC CAMP REUNION 31/10/08...more Memories!

August 1968 YLTC.
This was the group that was! Barracudas they called us...what a fierce name we thought...until we heard the other names, arguably even more ferocious. Piranhas, Mantas and Sharks....etc.
Tee Suan and Hong Kit were the attached GIs, while I had my arms around Choon Bee and Kim Hoe standing behind. Yew Ghee on extreme right of picture.
That building behind us was our famous" mess hall"where all meals were served...breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper all prepared by the campers themselves under the supervision of the Camp kitchen staff.

In this photo:
From right: Goh Ek Piang holding a camera, Yew Ghee, Lock Hong Kit, Ismail Taha, Tan Tee Suan, Nata Bava, Roger Lim, Edaward Tan and a band member. In foreground is Ms Irene Seah...seated.

This photo:
Koh Boon Long and wife, C Kunalan and his wife, Mr Yap Boon Chuan in a stripe shirt can be seen.

Guess what they were all watching intently?
No...not the 4D results! That is no good at all...will mostly increase your frustration and stress levels.
We were all enjoying the singing of
"My Way" by the one and only Saifudin, our ex-Talentime Winner.
Only he has that quality voice to deliver this song in his way!


yg said...

dick, not everyone of us received letters of invitation to attend the re-union. i did not get one. i went there as a guest of sng thai soon.

unk Dicko said...

YG,I suppose that is understandable. I think Robert only had an incomplete list of email addresses. He did try his best to "locate" me and got the breakthrough thro Koh Boon Long who knew not where I was. It was via a msg he sent to my wifey that did it.

Anonymous said...


I tried calling ur h/p as well as emailing u on ur ivytree email many time but NO response, lah

I even tried Admiralty Pri - to get your contact, etc , etc

From Boon Long