Wednesday, November 5, 2008

TTC camp reunion...Tekong days!

These were some of the TTC instructors for the November YLTC of 1968. Photo from left: Mat Arif, Jimmy Chua, Dick Yip, Choon Bee,____?, Siem Choo, Clarence Lim, "Datuk" Lawrence Hoh, Lim Ming,Syon, Soon Kuan, Siva and Gerry.
This next picture showed our Barracuda group performing maintenance duties at TTC YLTC base camp at the school in Kg Ladang.
August 1968.

The ages of these five extraordinary PE seniors would be close to 400 years !

Unk Dicko with these 4 who are household names in the world of PE, Sports and Singapore.
From left:
Mr Tan Eng Yoon
Dr Lau Teng Chuan
Mr Yap Boon Chuan
Mr Tan Hwee Hock


Anonymous said...

Mr Yip, i save all your photos about pulau tekong. i miss the island.. :(


~ kampung seminai resident

unk Dicko said...

Hi there my kampong friend!
So you were really a Pulau Tekong resident from Kg Seminei.
" You miss the island :( ".
That makes two of us. And if I know the hearts of the old TTC chaps,that make hundreds of us.
Maybe we should organise a " We shall return to Tekong" nostalgia trip for the old-timers.
Any takers?

unk Dicko said...

Btw, I believe I have some more old photos of Tekong and Ubin during my many trips and activities there. Will need to locate them if they are not lost.
Once I find them again...will upload here.