Monday, November 17, 2008

Unk Dicko entertains at Batam!

In August last year, D2 and I were at Batam Island Indonesia, for a 3 day retreat. She was there for a grassroot seminar in which she was to do her share of presentations.
As for me, I had a much more relaxing time doing some inshore fishing from the jetty and other spots near the resort.
At dinner time, the 4 piece resort band made an appearance to entertain all diners from table to table.
When they reach our table, those at my table called for me to join them with my ukulele. The band members were surprised but very happy when I pulled out my Kamaka Ukulele. " You play the Ukulele? BAGUS! (good)." It took only a few seconds for me to tune my uke to their rhythm guitar and we were now a 5 piece band!

This band was quite versatile and could do most of the requests called out, including hokkien and mandarin numbers.
For me, it was a breeze strumming along to whatever the song was.
We had a very very good sing along when we did the keroncong numbers they all know and love so well.
Burong kaka Tua, Bengawan Solo, Chan mali Chan, Loy Krathong and some Calypso and cha-cha numbers.

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