Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today, the 20th of November 2008 marks the official launch of a major event hosted by the "hot" community portal What is the big event I am talking about here? What is this event of which I am to play a Big part in? What is so important an event that besides unk Dicko here, another 2 famous bloggers have been roped in to do their part?
The event is the official SILVER BLOG CONTEST for senior citizens which will run for about a month till mid December 2008.
The 2 other veteran bloggers are none other than the well known Mdm Yu of LaoZhaBor blogsite fame and Mr Lam Chun See of Good Morning Yesterday blogsite.

We were invited to the office of Atomz i! Pte Ltd, a Singapore based creative agency acting for IDA for a briefing, film session and interview on 5 Nov 2008 and to offically sign the 3 of us in as SILVER AMBASSADORS for Infocomm123.

We actually signed a contract, believe it or not! But the contract explains the mutual agreement between the 3 of us and the contest organisers...and specify the role we are expected to perform.

It was the 1st time that I have met with Lam Chun See and Mdm Yu though we have somehow appeared in the same New Paper article, in April last year.

With fellow bloggers like these, I was very relaxed and felt in good company.
A string of questions were posed to us by Chase Ng, the Marketing manager
running the show for the interview segment.
Mdm Yu answered in mandarin, with some translation thrown in here and there. Chun See and I spoke mainly in English.

At the end of the session, we helped them by doing an official video jingle together.

To see this you must get into the infocomm website.

Photo: Laozhabor, me and Chun See

Me, Chun See, Laozhabor and Chase Ng.
Top 2 photos:
The camera lady is Esther Puah, an
I T designer with the company.
Notice that I have just added the Infocomm123 widget at the top of my homepage.
It is a very useful device.
I strongly suggest that all you readers from Singapore add this on either at your website or on your desktop.
I have tried it out and found it extremely USEFUL...full of surprising things,gadgets,add ons, games,contests, Q and A, weather updates, etc., etc..,.

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minitew said...

You met Lao Zha Bor?!
She's soo funny in every move she has been in!