Sunday, December 28, 2008

Spearhead of FU CHAI...King of Wu !

About 5 months ago, I had a post here which told about the Best preserved sword from ancient times ever discovered. Read about that interesting post here.That sword can be found displayed in the Hubei Provincial Museum...( photo of museum below ). Within the exhibit area where the swords and other precious relics of various ages and dynasties of China's Long history are displayed in all their ancient glory, no electronic camera flashes are permitted to be used.

You can only use your camera without flash.

This is to help preserve the many delicate and fragile items put on display.

Over this 5 months, I noticed that many visitors to this blogsite of mine have been particularly attracted to the story and pictures on the " Sword of Gou Jian, King of Yue ". This included many, many overseas visitors from USA, Europe, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and also Asia. There were also visits from well-known universities and leading organisation from both the USA and UK, as well as Europe.

I have no idea why there is so much interest over this subject or perhaps certain aspects of the subject. However, I can only guess that it could have originated from the same interest that first attracted me....the Sword of Gou Jian!

It is TRULY a most FASCINATING story worthy to be made into several top TV serials and even big screen movies.

The actual SWORD itself must be seen to be believed! What kind of knowledge and technology the ancient Yue people ( or the CHUs ) must have possessed that enabled them to create such an exquisite weapon of such an immaculate and mysterious nature and texture.

Much of the mysterious nature about this sword has been solved in recent years when it was specially tested by some of the most advanced scientific methods available.

The detailed results can be obtained online by googling. They make exciting reading !

Next to this exhibit of Gou Jian's sword lie the personal spearhead of his greatest adversary...King FuChai of WU kingdom. The image above is from the serial "the Great Revival" which I captured off my TV screen. This actual spearhead on exhibit in the museum is also an added bonus. Just imagine....two of the greatest rivals for control and power in the ancient world in China in an unforgettable epic of struggle and survival, both long dead, gone and vaporised but each of their personal weapon of choice has survived to our modern age and time.

What a strange ironic story! But the world and we are the richer for it.
This Hubei museum is certainly worth more than a curtsory visit.
In coming posts I shall put up more pictures and reports of artifacts which can be found within the place.
They are worth seeing.

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