Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Requests, Requests and more Requests!

These photos showed the action during our 2nd Performance which was memorable for one thing....the numerous requests for songs either by title or by song artist. Some enthusiastic ones simply called out a song they remember from the past. A couple of people wrote them down on small notes and handed them over.
We entertained most of the requests as we knew those songs too. When we did not have the lyrics in our song file..I fall back on my 4 decade old hand-written songbook...which is quite comprehensive for the different kinds of songs.

There certainly was spontaniety a-plenty. Members of the Line Dance Group and others like the Elvis Group made it a point to join us at the Mic when we played their "requests".

This group in dark attire spotting images of the King of Rock and Roll are members of the Elvis Fan Club.
They had a booth to attract members!

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