Friday, February 6, 2009

How to enhance vintage photos.

I have tried to manually improve on the quality of the photo which was from my original 1969 Tahan files. The best result was still the picture shown above.

I can hardly make out the faces in the group and all the surrounding details like the rushing swirls of water, the craggy rocks and fauna cannot be seen in all its glory.

Of course, when the photo was first printed out 40 years ago on Kodak paper from a roll of Kodak was so crispy and sharp, lovely to look at.

Posted by Picasa But Picassa 3 has saved the situation for me. However, it requires much trying out and lots of forward and backward kind of patience. For those who have not done any editing is what you can do.
1. Download Picassa 3 programme.
2. Locate your photo and right click on it.
3. Choose edit and view with Picassa 3
4. Do manual cropping first.
5. Decide size of picture
6. Start manual adjustments of tone, light, hue, saturation, sharpness, effects, tuning etc...
7. You can even put captions or a personal "watermark" if you like.
8. Save it

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