Monday, March 23, 2009

EPL...Spurs beat CHELSEA !

On the same night that Fulham hammered the Red Devils 2-0 and caused a major panic among Man Utd fans, Tottenham Hotspurs took on mighty Chelsea at home. The home team showed no fear of their rivals as the 1st half was played to a goaless draw. They came close to scoring a few times and only the quality of Peter Cezc in goal saved Chelsea the blushes.
During the interval, in the dressing room, Guus Hiddink discussed the 2nd half tactics with his players and what to expect. They expected that Spurs would come out firing all cylinders for the initial 10 minutes

and they would defend before subjecting them to a torrid half hour spell that should produce something. Yes, something was produced and it was an absolute beauty. And no, it was not by Chelsea but by an upcoming Spurs superstar... Luka Modric! In one swift attacking move, Aaron

Lennon down on the right flank sent in a cross deliberately between Cole and another Chelsea defender. Robbie Keane could have taken the first shot but wisely let the ball run on. In came dimunitive Modric with the angelic look to strike a shot that went in at an acute angle of the corner. Gk dived but could not save. It was the perfect shot!
Tottenham 1, Chelsea 0.
It remained that way as the game ended.
Manager Harry Rednapp has again successfully weaved his magic on to his players. It is all about self-belief.
And when you have that in abundance you'll have no trouble taking care of so-called "mighty" teams like the poor Blues or Arsenal or even the current leader Man Utd.

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