Saturday, March 14, 2009

High Noon in Rome...Arsenal vs Roma!

European Champions' League.

Roma vs Arsenal
This was that 2nd game which I had watched "Live" on TV. Arsenal took with them a 1 goal advantage in their 2nd leg match against Roma at the Stadium Olimpico in Rome.
Roma had to score or be out of the race. And score they the 10th minute of the 1st half when poor defensive action by Gallas and Toure allowed Juan to slot home the only goal of the match. That tied the overall score 1-1...and extra time was played to a scoreless draw. Penalty Kicks followed! I am uncertain how Roma picked their penalty takers but for Arsenal, the kickers were selected by Arsene Wenger himself, all 7 of them. The 8th kicker Diaby volunteered himself when it went into sudden death. The 8th kicker for Roma was Max Tonetto.

Here was how it went as I saw it.
In goal for Arsenal was Almunia and for Roma it was Doni.
Arsenal first, followed by Roma.

1. Eduardo...kick saved by Doni !
Pizzaro scored
2. Van Persie..kicked left and scored.
Vucinic...kicked at centre. Saved by Almunia!
So it was 1-1 upto this point.
3. Theo Walcott...kicked left. Doni nearly saved!
J Baptista...scored, top left corner.
4. Nasri...scored, right corner.
Montella...scored, left corner.
5. Denilson...scored, to centre.
Totti...scored, top right corner.
6. Toure...scored, right corner.
Aquilani...scored, right corner.
7. Sagna...scored, right corner.
Arne Risse...scored, right corner
Upto this point, it was 6-6 converted for each side.
8. Diaby...scored, right corner
Max Tonetto...missed completely! He kicked the ball
high over the bar. And Arsenal players and fans went wild in celebration as though they have won the World Cup!


While Arsenal celebrated, poor Tonetto # 22 walked off solemnly and sadly. He missed his penalty kick and with that went his and his team's dream of progressing further.
Toure hugging Almunia, Denilson, Walcott and Nasri in jubiliant mood.


The whole team feeling on top of the world.

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