Thursday, March 19, 2009

FLAGS of all VISITORS...automatically displayed and counted here!

Hi to one and all visitors from yours truly...Unk Dicko!
A short while ago, I came across a website that promotes a free Flag counter for bloggers like myself.
Since young, I have always been fascinated by the flags as shown on many stamps from around the world.
I don't know about you, but I once was very passionate about stamp collecting as a serious hobby. It was the first serious hobby that I took up as a primary school kid back in the 50's. Part of my original stamp collection which is more than half a century old is still with me today! I learnt much about geography, history, people, culture and countries by researching further with my stamp encyclopaedia back then.
It was most fascinating indeed.
My love for flags and for countries near and far have grown over the years. I remain as fascinated today as I was fifty odd years ago...but with a big difference.
When I was young I only read about these far away ,never dreaming that I would one day be visiting and seeing these countries, states and famous places for myself. Yes, I have travelled far and wide...even to way beyond the ARCTIC CIRCLE ! I have encountered experiences and overcome many challenges few have been blessed with. And it is only right that I should share these stories in this Blog of mine.
As for you the visitor...WELCOME!
Every new person who visits this Blog increases the FLAG Count for his or her country!
The counting starts today from the moment I installed the Flag counter.
It seemed like so much fun and that's why I installed it for the sheer fun of seeing "this Flag Race"!
By the way...this site has received many visitors from all corners of our globe and Unk Dicko
would like to thank all those who have visited.
Do continue to drop in.
I have a " ton" of things that I have not blogged about yet.
Some will shock you.
Most will engage you.
And there will be more in-depth blogs on education, sports, travels, music, ukulele, guitar, fishing, history, people and places, ageing gracefully, real life experiences and other interesting things.

Unk Dicko

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hanum said...

Flag counter is simple and low bandwidth use than Feedjit live traffic feed ;)