Sunday, March 22, 2009

Red Devils LOSE Again !

Is Manchester United losing the plot? After having been walloped 4-1 by Liverpool last week, Alex Ferguson has warned they will come to their senses and come back strongly against Fulham in the match played today. Senior players like Rio Ferdinand and others also joined in the psychological warfare saying they will have "their revenge" over the host Fulham for that dismal home showing against Liverpool. Betting houses and football pundits seem to agree too...that the Red Devils will bounce back strongly.

Unk Dicko feel very sorry for all those who pinned their betting hopes on such unpredictable predictions. As the saying goes ...the ball is round and anything can happen in a football match, even the most unlikely of things.
Take for example this very match.
Man Utd has beaten Fulham 4-0 and 2-0 in earlier games. And Man Utd has not lost 2 matches in a row in the League since the mid 60's. So a stroll in the park may not be the expected thing but most thought the outcome was a foregone conclusion in United's favour...after all they are still the current World Club Champion! The Best of the best in the world!
Unfortunately for all those who lost money, Man Utd is suffering from a crisis of confidence. Their play lack sharpness and imagination and cohesion. Fulham took full advantage of this and attacked strongly. It paid the 17th minute of play. Paul Scholes parried the ball with both hands as it was going into goal. Suicidal! Referee P Dowd showed him the Red card and Danny Murphy converted the penalty. 1-0 to Fulham.
Man U had their chances to equalise or even go ahead but an inspired display by the GK kept things safe. In the 87th minute Wayne Rooney "the Looney" acted that way. He threw the ball in anger in the direction of the referee and was given his marching orders. Reduced to nine men, they had no hope of survival.
Zoltan Gera half-volleyed in the 2nd goal for the homeside soon after this sending-off.
Fulham 2, Man Utd 0.
This result will make the EPL title challenge more interesting, more intriguing and more gripping in the coming weeks.


peter said...

alex made a fatal mistake of playing giggs and scholes together. I have seen many matches where both played and on those occasions, ManU lost. Furthermore today both are old legs which makes it even worst.

Watching yesterday's game, I see Evra and Rio as players who lost their touch or simply too tired after so many games.

Berbatov is not sui8table for such games if ManU's midfield are old legs.

unk Dicko said...

It wasn't just Giggs and Scholes that played poorly. The entire team was affected by that walloping Liverpool gave them. You can see they had none of the previous CALMNESS which result in great passing and control, great imagination and movement on and off the ball.
In addition Rafa Benitez, Pool's Manager, has openly come out with his"How to Beat Man Utd " special expose for all the other teams to read and learn from.
Man U next faces Aston Villa...and if they should lose again, it may be the beginning of the end of their dreams.