Friday, April 24, 2009

Dean Martin's "SWAY"...with lyrics!

Photo: From Passion Phtographers

For those of you born and growing up in a world filled with the music of Nat King Cole, Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, the Platters etc...there is among all these great singers one man with such a smooth voice and style, and with a face that a thousand women will die for...yes the one and only one DEAN MARTIN aka Deano to his loyal fans.

The other day, there was a dinner given by our newly promoted full minister Mrs Lim Hwee Hua to the grassroot leaders of Serangoon Gardens at the Serangoon. Music was provided by a live band. Towards the later part of the dinner, after all the speeches and thank you's were said, I heard my name being called out over the system. "There is a request for Mr Dicko-san to come on to the stage to sing us some songs.!"

I was then eating some desserts, put them down and walked on over. Took the mic and joked a little with the assembly. "So you want me to sing? Yeah! Yeah!" I asked the band if they knew this and that...alamak, they did not or never heard of the songs I named. Then, I flipped through their song file and spotted Dean Martin's " SWAY". " OK," I said," Play it!" I invited others from the floor to join me if they like.

This is one song that only Dean Martin's way of singing can bring on "the magic technique". As soon as I started singing it, I could see people pulling their partners or friends to sway, gyrate and dance! That's the magic and magnetism of this song. You younger readers will not fail to catch the mood too. Play it and listen...then start SWAYING!

Don't forget to stop the Jukebox music first.

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