Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Unk Dicko and Shigeto Takahashi...part 2

We met at the foyer of Pasir Panjang Inn. Shigeto was really glad to see me in person. D2 captured these scenes.

Before we took off for the Esplanade, I brought out my ukuleles from the car and handed the Kamaka to Shigeto. Here we were...fine tuning the ukes before we strummed around. He told me he like the sounds of the Kamaka.

This is a very good example of two perfectly total strangers from two perfectly different countries starting a friendship that is bonded strongly by our common passion for the simple ukulele....and for music.

At the Esplanade:
We came upon this pretty setting with suspended lanterns and lampshades with a multitude of shapes and colours

This was just before we had a late dinner at the Waterfront.

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