Thursday, August 13, 2009

44th National Day Observance Ceremony

On the morning of Sunday 9 August Serangoon kampong had a very meaningful ceremony right in the heartlands. Last year, we had it at the Serangoon North area and ended at the CC.
However, the site for this year's ceremony was in a beautiful park that had a small outdoor forum. With the shade of the surrounding trees and the pavillions set up...the stage was set for a carnival-like atmosphere.
Doting grandma D2 and I decided we will bring our 3 older grandchildren along to experience for themselves what such a special day felt citizens of Singapore.

They had to wake up earlier than usual, dressed up in striking red outfits, have their breakfast before we ventured out.

There were easily more than a thousand people at the venue, most are residents of Kampong Serangoon.
The morning's programme began with a short, leisurely walk ending at the forum where goodie bags were issued to all participants.
Minister in the PMO and MP for Serangoon Gardens, Mrs Lim Hwee Hua and her grassroot leaders were in attendance.


D2, Minister Lim Hwee Hua, J, Y, T and family maid A, unk Dicko.

The background looks empty as everyone went to collect their goodie bags. Soon, the stands will be filled to the brim when the next part of the ceremony began....the march-in of the National flag and hoisting the flag, followed by the National Anthem and the taking of the Pledge.

A sea of red was what I saw around my left, right and all around. We Singaporeans may be shy socially or in public...but not on a day which was our nation's 44th birthday. In many homes all over the island, our citizens proudly display the S'pore flag. This is all good and proper. It helps to create a common sense of togetherness, of identity, of oneness as a people regardless of race, language or religion. ( Does that sound familiar? You bet! )
More about the history of that in my next post!

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