Monday, August 3, 2009

Memories of 1st AYG Games Village

Throughout the 3 months prior to the actual Games I had attended countless meetings, briefings, presentations, table-top execrcises, dry-runs, simulation exercise etc. As a key person in the Games Village Organisational Structure it was part of my job to get to know the people involved and to work hand in hand towards the same goals and objectives of the AYG.
I have featured some of them in my previous blogposts. Here are a few more. It was not possible to capture everyone I knew or met. But all are part of the happy memories when I reflect on the history we made together.
1st Pic:
Crystal Lim was the Manager i/c of SSC volunteers. We worked very closely to complement or supplement the daily manpower needs. It was wonderful working with her and her team.

2nd Pic:

Jee Huang was the Chief of of the most challenging roles of any Games. He was under tremendous pressure from the word 'Go' and largely delivered what was expected, despite the certain snags in such a huge operation.
It takes a very brave man to take on such a role and that quality he lacks not.
He was also a former student of mine back in JC days around '91.

3rd Pic:
Gurmit is a special friend all these years we have known each other. We have gone through trials and tribulations, laughter and our long journey in education.
I even knew his parents back in the '60s.

4th Pic:
Song Jing is the Chief of Security. She is working for the SSC. She takes her security work very seriously, ensuring an incident free Games.

5th Pic:
Wong TP is a teacher volunteer from Montfort Sec. After his stint as Village volunteer was over, he reapplied to be a Liaison Officer and immediately came to tell me about it excitedly. I was happy for him as he was full of spirit for the AYG.
He was appointed to look after Lebanon NOC.

6th Pic:
Loh Seng Yue was my former student and waterpolo player around '94 HCJC days. He and others like him were specially recruited by me when I rebuilt our then waterpolo team which went on to win major honours...with the likes of Lau Chok Yee, Samuel Lim, Kevin Teo, Tan Leek Sing etc.
He is currently teaching in TJC.

7th Pic:
Paul Lee was a key man in the Transport section helping Jee Huang.
He and I go back a long, long way to the '50s. We were both from the same Primary School, Geylang English School and living in Geylang then. I was his senior by 2-3 years...and still remember him and a few other GES boys from our kampong days.

8th Pic:
Nicholas is working for the YOG. He and a few of his YOG colleagues have been helping out in the AYG as a prelude to the 2010 Games to be hosted by Singapore.
The other two whom I have known are Ernie and Meng Tak.

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